Saturday, November 6, 2010

Friday Haircut Story

Yesterday evening my girlfriend Ninutsa and I were sitting at my place and haveing a conversation about haircuts, clothes , fashion, shortly we had this girly talks.1 hour later she said that she wants to change her haircut. In the beginnig, in very first time she had  really long hair like  Samara in *Ring*, (I'm not kidding ,seriously) then she cut them off and  had simple bob haircut , now she said that she wants: up to here.. raising her hand up to her ear, like boy but more girly. I got it and started cutting off , i thought that this process will never end, but when i was close to finish the result was just great, i became very happy .The front side of hair i didn't cut just leave right side of bangs. Well I think the look is like acceptable in the 80'is.. huh long story with happy end :3

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